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“Your nation’s progress (prosperity) and affliction is one (collective), your Prophet (S.A.W), Creed and faith is one;

Your Ka’aba, your Allah and your Quran is one, Would that be if  the Muslims are one “     

                                      Sir Muhammad Iqbal

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Every week there is an event held for 'Biyaan-ul-Quran' and every fortnight there is an event for 'Tafeem-ul-Quran'. Also Salaah Reminder Project is being run for every person who wants to join the cause.


Details can be found in the About Us section as well as the Events & Projects section. For inquiries check out the Contact Us section.

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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to enable individuals to understand ISLAM as total politico-socio-economic  system of life  which corresponds to the real needs of mankind. To help them  to use their faculty of reason  for the cognition of their Sustainer Allah (S.W.T)  which can be perceived instinctively and through their conscious experience. To enable the socially deprived individuals to lead their lives positively according to the Divine Law of Qur'an and Sunnah

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